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pre-school and aftercare was established in 1989. Centrally located in Shelly Beach, Chatterbox offers safe, quality education and early childhood development based on Christian values. Our qualified team of experienced teachers and assistants strive to teach your child with unrivalled care and attention. Our classrooms and play areas are all monitored with CCTV cameras to ensure your child's safety at all times. Chatterbox is a Christian based pre-school and the Caps Curriculum is followed for Grade 00 and 000. We have secured sponsorship from Netcare in the form of a medical first aid box and they will also cover the costs of any ambulance trips that may be required.

Hours of Operation
School hours are from 08h00 to 12h00 Monday to Friday. We will however, be open from 07h00 to accommodate working parents. After-Care hours start from 12h00 to 17h00 Monday to Friday. Gates will be open from 12h00 to 12h30 for half day children. We do understand if you are late due to circumstances beyond your control, but late fees will be charged for every occasion past 17h00. We are closed on weekends and public holidays. We will be open for 12 months of the year. We will only close for the Christmas period in December from 15th.

Convenient Location
Chatterbox is conveniently located in Maple Drive, Shelly Beach. This central location makes it easy for parents who reside in either Margate or Port Shepstone and travel to work in either of the respective towns.

What to Bring
Please ensure your child has a change of clothes, a jersey and is wearing a suitable sunscreen every day as well as mozzie repellent in Summer time. A swimming costume and towel will also be needed during summer time for swimming lessons. Please mark all these items clearly, as we cannot be held responsible for any loss. NO SWEETS OR TOYS are allowed, as these items cause a lot of heartache amongst the other children. Please dress your child practically as they do a lot of climbing, running and riding bikes, no high heels for little girls. If your child sleeps at midday, please send a pillow and a little blanket, clearly marked, which we will keep at school. If your child is still in nappies, please send enough nappies for the day.

Tea-Time Snack & Lunch
Please provide a sandwich, a fruit and a juice and yoghurt for tea-time at 09h30.For lunch time at 11h30 you may send along a cooked meal and we will warm it up. On Wednesdays we have a “Snacky Day”. On these Wednesdays the school provides a snack with a drink for the second tea-time. You as a parent you may purchase lunch for your child on these days and funds raised are used for school toys. Every Monday a menu will be sent home and MUST be paid the following morning so supplies can be bought for the Wednesday.


Discipline is used to teach a child, not as a punishment. We achieve this through love, consistency, and firmness. We stress two main patterns of behaviour: respect for other people and respect for property. The children are explained the rules of the school frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines.

Inside Rules -
No running, jumping, or screaming permitted inside. We use "walking feet" and "inside voices." No walking around the classroom with food, cups, or bottles. No going out the door or gate at pick up time without an adult. No name calling, teasing, swearing, bad language such as 'shut up', tattling... No gun or violent play allowed. No juice or food allowed on the playground. 1 child at a time in the toilets.

We Respect Each other and Keep our Hands to ourselves -
No roughhousing, hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, pulling, pinching, spitting at others, including household pets and your parents. Lifting, carrying, climbing, or sitting on other children is not permitted.

We Respect our Belongings and our Environment -
No standing on, hitting with, pounding with, throwing toys or other household items. No standing on or jumping off of furniture. Parents are responsible to pay for damage or replacement costs of any mistreatment of toys, school items, and/or the premises.

The following methods of discipline will be used:
Encourage children to solve problems themselves, Intervention, Discussion, and Re-direction to another play area, Loss of privileges, Logical consequences, and Time out.

If we feel there is a chronic behavioural issue that needs attention, we will let you know so that together we are handling it in the same way to ensure continuity in discipline between your home and the school. These types of behaviours might include such things as biting, use of bad words, chronic hitting, etc. Together, we will try to find a solution. You may be called to remove your child if his/her behaviour prevents us from being able to properly care for the other children. If the problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and well-being of all.

As a child care providers, we have a responsibility by law to recognize and report any evidence of child abuse (physical or emotional or neglect) to the proper authorities.

Information and Indemnity Forms
Parents will be required to complete and sign the enrolment application form and indemnity where after contract forms will follow. These must be completed in full, signed by both parents and returned as soon as possible.

Arrivals and Goodbyes
Please bring your child to school before 07h45, as our program begins at 08h00 sharp. It is very disruptive for the other children when there is a latecomer. On arrival, you are most welcome to walk your child to their classroom and help put their suitcase/lunch boxes down. However, do not prolong your “goodbye”, as this has an adverse emotional effect on both you and your child. Usually, as soon as parents have turned the corner, we find that children calm down fairly quickly. Should this not be the case, we will let you know and advise you on what to do about it.

Please try and collect your child on time – they get very upset when they see all the other children going home and their Mom or Dad is late!

When collecting your child, please sign the Sign-Out Register, which is centrally located in front of the main building. Should you need to make arrangements for someone else to collect your child, please provide us with the name of the person and the approximate time they will be arriving. NO CHILDREN WILL BE RELEASED TO ANY PERSON OTHER THAN A PARENT UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE. The gates will be kept locked between the times of 08h00 to 12h00 and again from 13h00 to 17h00. Should you wish to collect your child between these times, please arrange this with us beforehand. Please note that late collection is strictly 17h00, we do however understand if you have been delayed. Please phone ahead to let us know.

If there is a court order keeping one parent away from the child, we must have a copy of the order on file, otherwise, we cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up their child.

If you have a problem, no matter how silly it may seem, please speak to the principal or your child's teacher about it so that we can help resolve any concerns you may have. Remember that we have your child's interest at heart, and that is what we must all work towards.


We have devised a program to give your child a structured and enjoyable morning. Please ensure that you read and sign your child’s book as this will give you an idea of what you little one is doing at school. Remember we are not a playschool and we do formal instruction with the little ones.

These programs are all recognized by the KZN Education Department schools. All our classes have an experienced teacher as well an assistant. All children will receive a mid-year report as well as an end of year report.

Medication & Childhood Ailments
The health and well-being of all of the children here at is very important to us. It is for the protection of the children that we must insist on a strict adherence to our Illness Policy. Please read it carefully. Please provide all medication for your child, together with the medical consent form which can be obtained from your child’s teacher. Please clearly mark the medication with your child’s name.

In the case of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, bad cough and communicable disease please do not bring your child to school. Please take note of the attached “Official Regulations Concerning Commonest Childhood Ailments”

A copy will also be pasted in your child’s homework book for your convenience.

Symptoms Requiring Removal Of Child From School (no exceptions)
Some of those illnesses are but not limited to: Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye), foot and mouth, Impetigo, Hepatitis A, Scabies, Ringworm, Infectious Diarrhoea, Chicken Pox, Scarlet Fever, Lice, and Strep Throat. If your child is thought to have a communicable disease, you will be notified and asked to pick him/her up. Your child will be accepted back into care when no longer contagious. All other parents will be notified of the possibility of a communicable disease and what symptoms to watch for. We may require a doctor's note, at our discretion, for return to child care.

Fever: Not permitted. A child needs to be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school without the aid of any fever reducing substance.

Diarrhoea: Not permitted. Infants and toddlers with fevers and/or diarrhoea pertaining to teething will only be accepted into care with a doctor's note stating that these symptoms are due to teething.

Vomiting: Not permitted. If your child vomits while at child care, you will be expected to come within the hour to pick up your child. The child must stay home until 24 hours have passed with no vomiting episodes.

Rashes: Not permitted. Any rash other than a mild diaper rash must accompany the child to child care with a note from the doctor stating it is not contagious.

Runny and/or Crusty Eyes: Not permitted. Watery, matted, and/or red/pink eyes are not acceptable in child care under any circumstances.

Lice: Not permitted back to child care until after the second hair treatment and no nits are present and a doctor or pharmacists note

24-hour Rule: Your child must be free from any of the previous symptoms for a minimum of 24 hours before you can return to child care. No exceptions. Please take the above rules seriously. It is always best to call us and ask if you are unsure whether or not you may bring your child. Please have a backup plan available to you in the event your child is ill and you feel you cannot miss work.

Medical Emergencies
All staff are trained in Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid and in the case of an EMERGENCY; we will administer the necessary first aid required. If necessary, the Paramedic Unit will be called. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Fire Safety
We have a written fire evacuation plan and practice a fire drill with the children at least once each month. In addition, we incorporate fire safety curriculum into the program. The school is inspected regularly for fire safety.

Baker Day
Every Friday, one child per class will have a turn to bring baked items for their class tuck shop. The children really enjoy this time and the opportunity to have a treat.

Show And Tell
Every Friday your child may bring along something that they would like to show their class. Every child gets an opportunity to discuss their chosen item.

Term Supplies
Each Term you will receive a list of stationery that your child will need for that Term.

Each child's birthday is his/her "Special Day. You may supply a special food treat such as cake or cookies for all the children in your child’s class if you'd like’. Party arrangements are not part of the teacher’s duty but if you would like to arrange something at school please speak with your child’s teacher.

We will provide your child with a hard covered book which will be used for notices. The program for each week will be pasted in the book and sent home for parents to view. At least one parent must sign the book each week. These books must be returned on a daily basis. Please read over the program your child is doing and encourage them to talk about what they are learning at school. Newsletters and notices will be sent home in child’s class folder, so please keep an eye out for these.

Extra Murals
We have a an educational ashow every term at no extra cost to the parents, a school concert in the third term and a Sports Day in the second term.

Gymbokids (our movement program), Kidzbeat (music and rhythm), Edublox, Sensory Lab, Little Chefs, Youth Ministry and protective behaviours are part in these extra murals at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We do however charge R100 per month for our Food Art Classes and this is compulsory. We do a lot of arts and crafts at school so if you have any old boxes, scraps of material, egg cartons, magazines etc. we would appreciate it if you would send these items to school.

We also offer optional swimming lessons,  Playball and Soccer Stars (fees are available at the school).


All fees are payable MONTHLY IN ADVANCE. All accounts are payable in full for 12 M0NTHS OF THE YEAR. Payment of school fees may not be withheld during the holiday period if you withdraw your child for your own holiday period or due to illness. You child's place will not be secured if your child is removed and no payment is made.

There is an application fee of R480.00 payable upon application which is non-refundable.
You will be supplied a stationary list each year which must be purchased for your own child and clearly labelled.

Chatterbox, ABSA Cheque Account, Margate
Code: 632 005
Account No: 407 275 2912


One full calendar month's written notice must be submitted should you wish to remove your child from enrolment. Should you fail to do this or pay your monthly fees your account will be handed over for collection. December month does not count as a notice month, should you wish to give notice for December, then you must give us notice in November.



BLUE GROUP 4-5: Aunty Natalie and Aunty Ntombi
YELLOW GROUP 3-4: Aunty Catherine and Aunty Abigail
RED GROUP 2-3: Aunty Maryke and Aunty Thembi
GREEN GROUP 18M- 2: Aunty Leanne and Aunty Beauty
MAINTENANCE: Uncle Sbonelo

We look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Natalie Barclay BprimEd (WITS) B.EdPsych (Hons) RAU